Camp Journal

EIG Day Four: In Desperate Need of Shelter on Our Shelter Box Day

3rd June 2016

It took raw enthusiasm from all classes yesterday to brave the elements and embark on their day of adventure yesterday. With ominous grey skies and the rain threatening, our campers courageously faced the elements and set off on an adventure.

Across six different stations our campers learnt about what it takes to survive in harsh environments… from sourcing water and food, to lighting fires, seeking and building shelter, cooking in the wild, and basic first aid techniques.

At lunchtime the the weather really closed in and it was decided to bring the Shelter Box adventure back to Camp Suisse for the afternoon to continue the educational journey under cover. Spirits remained high and hot chocolate was served, just to make sure our campers were warm enough after the morning’s activities.

As the afternoon went on, focus began to turn to the main event of the evening….and some would say the week… the Camp Suisse disco! Dressed up and still full of energy, students and staff carved up the dance floor until it was time for bed, in preparation for the last day of activities and the journey home on Friday.

Tags: Bush Craft Learning & Education Survival Skills