Camp Journal

Ecole Internationale de Genève – Classes 6B and 6D – Day Two

3rd June 2014

Early morning wake up call for a 6:15am breakfast! 

Today the students were lucky enough to go up to Glacier 3000! After the coach ride from camp they got to have a ride in a cable car right to the top of the glacier. Everyone was very excited because waiting for them there, were husky dogs ready to take them sledding! Taking it in turns every person had a ride – hold on tight!

Next up there was time for snowman building and a snow ball fight! Once the students had made their frosty friends and had enough of duck and covering from the snowballs, they enjoyed a packed lunch on a balcony surrounded by the panoramic views across the valley. 

In the afternoon it was back down on the cable cars and a visit to an old Roman stronghold called Martigny. A look around the St Bernard Dog Museum gave an interesting look into the history of the dog breed and the students had the chance to meet and pet some St Bernard dogs in the kennel. 

Everyone then took part in some group building games in the Roman ruins and were given a tour by Activity Leader Fearghal which concluded at the amphitheatre. This is where the crowds gathered for a gladiator battle between Group Leaders Kirstie and Harry, there was plenty of booing and cheering from the crowd! 

It had been a long and exciting day, so back at Camp Suisse the students enjoyed a filling dinner of fajitas and rice, then a chance to settle down to watch a film (Madagascar) and have a relaxing hot chocolate, delicious! 

At 9:30pm it was lights out for another action packed day ahead!