Camp Journal

Ecole Internationale de Genève – Classes 6A and 6C- Day Two

3rd June 2014

An fun day ahead for the students today!

First of all, there was plenty of choice at breakfast which included toast, eggs, fruit, cereal, yoghurt and fruit juice. The students in class 6A had plenty of energy now to go mountain biking! Before setting off, everyone was taught how to give a bicycle an ‘M’ check (to make sure it was safe to use) and then it was putting helmets on and time to make their way to the practice area. 

The students split into teams which provided the opportunity to take tests to improve their abilities and play games for awareness and communication. The Activity Leaders had set up some obstacle trails to boost everyone’s confidence and just for extra fun! Now it was time to do the real thing and the students enjoyed coming back down the mountain via different trails – a great ride was had by all! 

Meanwhile, Class 6C had been taking part in different sport activities throughout the morning like football and basketball. A real opportunity to shoot some hoops and keep fit.

After lunch all the classes swapped over so 6C got the chance to spend their afternoon on the mountain bike trails while 6A had an afternoon of sport at Camp Suisse.

For the evening entertainment for these two classes it was eyes down for a game of bingo!  Some lucky students won some Camp Suisse prizes!

Then at 9:30pm it was time for bed after an energetic day ready to see what day three has in store!