Camp Journal

Ecole Internationale de Genève – Classes 6B and 6D – Day Three

4th June 2014

The mood in camp is high and the first activity for class 6B was mountain biking. The students spent the first part of the exercise learning how to maintain a bike to ensure it is safe and then an obstacle course to develop their skills. 

Everyone was geared up and prepared to go! Up the mountain and back down to Torgon – Lihi and Sacha really excelled and came away from the activity with a sense of accomplishment. 

Class 6D meanwhile was enjoying a day learning how to make hammocks and survival skills – perfect activity as the skies opened and down came the rain. 

After lunch, the classes swapped the activities. 6D spent the afternoon rock climbing under the watchful eye of the Activity Leaders and Group Leaders, who passed on knowledge and a few jokes here and there! Francesca did so well and overcame her fear of heights with the support from her class. 

Once everyone was with two feet firmly on the ground or back from the wilderness with new survival skills, it was time for a game of bingo or a chance to enjoy a film with a hot chocolate. 

Bedtime was 9:30pm – a new adventure awaits the next day!