Camp Journal

Ecole Internationale de Genève – Classes 6A and 6C – Day Three

4th June 2014

The day started with Class 6C doing orienteering – the students were taught about compasses, navigations, different types of maps and plotting routes. The students put their new found skills into practice and navigated their way around Torgon, finding clues and completing quizzes.

On the other side of Camp Suisse, Class 6A were taking part in team building games which included the ever popular crate climb. Students stack crates on top of one another, whilst one person is stood on top of the crates (all safety harnessed in of course!).

Tummies were beginning to rumble, so everyone stopped for lunch of freshly baked bread, with a choice of tuna, cheese savoury and ham salad (not forgetting the extras like a chocolate bar and fruit). The students got to eat their lunch on the terrace and share stories of their day so far.

The afternoon had a lot in store. The students boarded the Camp Suisse coach which took them to Martingy. Class 6A enjoyed an informative tour by Activity Leader Fearghal around the Roman ruins – the students were given a fun and educational introduction to the history of the region. The tour ended in the amphitheatre with the gladiator battle between Group Leaders Jack and Mark, after a fierce battle Jack managed to overpower Mark, throwing in a few back flips!

Meanwhile Class 6C enjoyed the St Bernard Museum, it was a great opportunity to learn more about the famous breed, its role in mountain rescue and even a chance to get up close with a few beautiful St Bernard dogs. The classes swapped over activities during the afternoon, so nobody missed a thing.

Back at Camp Suisse the students enjoyed Lasagne and garlic bread for Dinner (the ice cream and waffle dessert being very popular!). The evening activities ranged from a nice unwinding film with hot chocolate or those with more energy to burn it as basketball and football.

Time for bed at 9:30pm so everyone is ready for another day!