Camp Journal

Ecole Internationale de Genève – Classes 6B and 6D – Day Four

5th June 2014

Wakey wakey, rise and shine!

The students enjoyed a nutritious breakfast and then made their way to the activities that had been planned for their morning. 

Class 6B begun their day with team building exercises such as the crate climb and the spiders web (a series of rope criss-crossed over one another and the students have to climb through the gaps, without touching the rope).

The group orienteering exercise was carried out with great enthusiasm – with plenty of map reading and a treasure hunt using their new skills. 

Meanwhile, Class 6D got their chance to go mountain biking. They put on their bicycle helmets, jumped on the bikes to spend the morning on the trails. Every student has improved tremendously and the confidence was clear to see!

After lunch Class 6B went to the climbing wall, the students were giving plenty of encouragement and support to each other.

Class 6D had bow and arrows at the ready and their aim was very good – plenty of bullseyes!

The classes swapped activities once everyone had had a go. 

Back at Camp Suisse the students were excited for the evening activity and were putting on their glad-rags for the disco! 

After a conga-line or two everyone had danced themselves out and were ready to recharge for another day.