Camp Journal

Ecole Internationale de Genève – Classes 6A and 6C – Day Four

5th June 2014

The sun is shining on Camp Suisse and everyone is ready to start their day!

Class 6C went to the climbing wall first thing in the morning, there were some great climbers on show and plenty of people overcame their fears and improved dramatically. 

Class 6A had made their way up to the archery range. After a quick demonstration by Activity Leader Rosie, the students took to their bow and arrows. Once a few practice rounds to improve their aim had been done, the class took part in a quick competition.

Mid-morning came and class 6A and 6C switched activities. Once they had finished for the morning it was hot dogs all around for lunch – delicious!

The Bush Craft Hike was planned for both classes in the afternoon, in this activity the students are taught how to put up hammocks, tarps and how to construct shelter. Nobody wanted to leave the woods as they were having so much fun, but more adventure awaited! 

The students listened to the Activity Leader who was explaining about forest eco-systems and how they develop, Sphagnum moss and its uses in water filtration, Reindeer moss and its use for survival in extreme cases and Wood Sorrel and its apple like taste.

Back at Camp Suisse the students enjoyed a heart-warming Thai Green Curry for dinner, topic of conversation during dinner was the evening activity – the disco!

The last evening was spent dancing the night away until finally the penultimate day had come to an end!