Camp Journal

Day Three – Reds and Blues

7th July 2015

After breakfast the red and blue groups began their long hike to our Alpine outpost camp site! With lovely weather and plenty of songs and games everyone enjoyed the walk and after a long break for lunch we arrived at base at around 2pm! The kids were then shown their rooms for the night and given a little time to relax and re-energize! Lucas and Victoria enjoyed some table football whilst Carine taught the group some fantastic card games! A few biscuits later and the group leaders were ready to take half the group on another hike to the French border, how exciting! Danil and Daria were especially excited and couldn’t wait to have one foot in France and the other in Switzerland, talk about being in two places at once!

After a busy day of walking everyone was ready for the delicious BBQ! They ended the fantastic day with camp fire songs, roasted marshmallows and a very loud rendition of black socks! 

Aleks, our photographer, gave Lulu a master-class today on how to use his camera and she took the amazing photo below of Oran and Tyler! What a talent!


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