Camp Journal

Day packed with fun

22nd June 2017

GES’ really managed to pack their whole day with fun for their penultimate day of the trip! It all began with an extremely early start, as they headed off to Glacier 3000 at 7 am. The early bird definitely catches the worm! They were able to meet the celebrities of the Glacier (the gorgeous Huskies) and after some petting and stroking, it was time for an exhilarating sledge ride pulled by the energetic dogs! If this wasn’t enough thrill seeking for the campers, they then payed a visit to the worlds highest Alpine Roller Coaster and then bravely embraced a walk across the suspension bridge at the 3000 m point! They certainly all proved that they had guts and adventure!

In order to wind down and relax after such an adrenaline filled morning, the students were then treated to a visit at the incredible ‘Bains de Saillon’ to recharge in the beautiful thermal water pools, lazy rivers and have some fun on the slides. You don’t get much better than that!

To finish off the best day, it was time to party at Camp Suisse’s famous ‘last night disco’ in the evening, where the campers were able to find souvenirs from the popular Tuck Shop. They then descended on the dance floor to boogie with their friends and also the other schools also celebrating their week at Camp!