Camp Journal

Camp Suisse has got Talent!

8th August 2017

On an unfortunately rainy and stormy morning, our Reds and Blues headed back from their fun time camping and went back to base camp to get to the warm and dry Camp Suisse! Upon arriving back, and taking much needed showers and a little rest time, they headed off to language classes to use the rainy day productively! Their classes today consisted of preparing for their exciting talent show later in the evening!

After dinner, the campers gathered to showcase their, and watch other, pieces that were all performed in the various languages being taught here at camp during the session. Despite having little time to prepare for the acts, everybody gave great performances and we were all very impressed! In particular, a group of our Beginners in English got a rousing cheer for their amazing performance of Peel the Banana which they learnt so quickly yet performed so well! Finally, the Blue group were able to have a sneak peak at the language karaoke for the older campers but unfortunately had to head to bed before long; maybe next year guys! What a fun day of learning and languages!