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Calling all Camp Suissers!!!!

16th February 2012

GREAT NEWS – Camp Suisse is ready to open its doors for another RED HOT summer!! AND…. if you’re a returning camper we can hold a place for you (without a deposit) for a period of one month.. just in case you need more time to get your summer plans in place!! Just drop us an email at


Get ready for more thrills, spills and the usual mix of outdoor adventure and languages as the Camp Suisse team prepare for a full three international sessions.

Given the success of last year’s first ever 3rd international session – and with places limited for all 3 sessions this year – demand is higher than ever. So, to guarantee the summer of a lifetime, make sure you don’t miss the Camp Suisse boat and BOOK NOW!

Here are the dates:


SESSION 1: Saturday 30th June – Friday 13th July

SESSION 2: Saturday 14th July – Friday 27th July

SESSION 3: Saturday 28th July – Friday 10th August


Saturday 28th July – Saturday 4th August

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