Camp Journal

Blues and Reds vs the Cailler Chocolate factory!

13th July 2017

If you can imagine the campers’ biggest ever dreams, they all came true today! it was time for the Blue and Red groups to pay the long awaited visit to … THE CAILLER CHOCOLATE FACTORY! The lucky campers were given an Interactive tour and free chocolate tasting around the factory. There was a multitude of sweet and tiny little samples available so that the campers were fully able to appreciate all the various flavours and types of chocolate (although some appreciated too many!).

Once everybody was all chocolated out, it was time to head into the Swiss village Gruyere for some lovely lunch! The campers played in the park and then browsed the shops for some relaxation. It was a quick turn around after this as it was time to head back to camp for the long awaited ‘Under the Sea’ themed prom!! Prom was an opportunity for all of our lovely campers to change out of their usual camp t-shirts and trainers and into lovely formal clothes and have some fun with the friends that they had made during the fortnight. It began with a delicious dinner of pasta bake, salad bar and dessert which then transferred into disco time! The campers were able to have their last fill of the souvenirs and food from the Tuck Shop and then they headed to the dance floor to have a boogie with their friends and all of the staff to whom they’d all grown very close! It was a bittersweet night of fun but sadness to see everybody go tomorrow.

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