Camp Journal

Blue Group skims across Lake Geneva!

6th July 2017

Today, our blue group went on one of the most exciting trips of the week: Banana Boating at Lake Geneva! We started off the with an energetic breakfast that lead us to some morning activities before our long anticipated departure to the lake. Once in the banana boating area, they all gathered in the shadow to do one of the most important things: put on SUN CREAM! And they finally got into the boats. There was many a excited scream as the campers skimmed across the water on the boats and there was no lack of funny moments with groups falling into the water and lots of splashing!

They stayed there until around 4.30 pm, when they reluctantly took the bus up to Torgon. After a rest at shower hour, they headed off to a BBQ in the forest! They ate some delicious hot dogs and burgers with salad and even some cookies! Bed time was well deserved today for our blues after a fantastic day out.