Camp Journal

Blue and Red Groups get Jazzy!

11th July 2017

This morning we embarked on a lovely hike back down the mountain after a great night of camping. The sun was luckily shining after the challenging weather yesterday and the Campers were in good spirits. After returning to Camp Suisse, we had a short turn around before heading to the famous Montreux Jazz Festival! Everyone was very excited to see what the festival would be like. The weather remained fantastic which helped us to really enjoy the beauty of Montreux, with the calm and laping clear blue shores of Lake Geneva on one side and the many colourful stands and stalls on the other. The Blue and Red Groups revelled in the vibrant atmosphere, as well as indulging themselves with Ice Creams, fidget spinners and various souvenirs. They definitely deserved it after all that hiking! We then returned to camp in time for dinner and some entertaining evening activities. Once again another great day.