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Bear Grylls eat your heart out! La Cote International and Strothoff schools are about!

11th June 2015

Whilst a cool mist and warm breeze ran through the valley today, our campers took part of what was a day of rough and ready mountain camping and survival skills. 

Last night Strothoff year 6 spent the evening sat around a camp fire having a BBQ and toasting marshmallows. After spending a night in the wilderness having the best camp experience, Strothoff year 6 then packed up their basecamp this morning to head back to Camp Suisse HQ. After arrriving and showering the class then had lunch relaxing on our decking in the sunshine! They then jumped straight into this afternoons activity of rock climbing. However they pushed their skills to the limit by taking their talents from the camp suisse rock climbing wall to the mountains. 

In the meantime, La Cote Year 6 have spent the day learning all about Mouflon tracking and hunting skills. Impressing our resident hunter Cyril with oodles of natural talent, the local Mouflon breathed a sigh of relief that this was only a theory activity.

Our last group out on the mountain today were the Year 4 class of La Cote International School. Proving that you are never too young to learn how to survive in the wilderness. This gang of now-adept survialists had an afternoon of practising river crossings, water filtration and navigational skills.

After a very active afternoon all campers have a dinner of home made chicken pie to look forward to!It doesnt even end there as the campers have fun filled evening activities to enjoy. Year 4 class of La Cote International school are showing their creative sides with a big arts and crafts session. While it is the turn of the year 6 classes of Strothoff and La Cote International to put their dancing shoes on and hit the disco!!   

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