Camp Journal

Beaches and bushcraft

19th July 2019

Another busy day for the Red group, who started off this morning with some archery. Within minutes the campers were straight shooters, hitting targets and even getting the occasional bullseye! Next, the Reds spent some time in the forest playing games. Their favourite involved using the trees to hide as they tried not to be spotted.
The Blues trekked deep into the forest for their activity this morning. Bushcraft, learning how to survive in the woods with no resources, was something new to most of our campers, except Gabriel, who was able to teach the instructors a thing or two! The Blues practised consulting shelters, before popping popcorn over fires they built themselves.
After a hearty lunch, the Reds and Blues then joined together for language lessons, followed by an exciting ghyll scramble! The cold mountain water wasn’t enough to put the brave young campers off, they really threw themselves into this activity, some very literally! The evening activity was a tasty one, as the Red and Blue groups went to a local restaurant and try some Italian pizza. The children spent some time playing in the playground before returning to camp for a well-deserved sleep.
The Greens had their language lessons in the morning, before departing for the lovely Villeneuve beach. This excursion had something for everyone, as some campers chilled out with cards or a book at base camp, others treated themselves to an ice-cream or pizza at the café, and the rest got their adrenaline rush jumping off the 7m diving board! Everyone enjoyed a turn of banana boating in the wonderful and warm Lake Geneva. The campers were in the perfect state of mind to return for an intense to battle it out in a game of campers vs. staff football. Unfortunately, their battle was ultimately in vain and the staff took home the trophy once again!