Camp Journal

Bananarama for all groups

7th August 2017

The day had come. We awoke bright and early this morning and donned our swimming suits ready for… Banana Boating day! After a quick kit check we jumped excitedly on to the bus with spirits high and headed to the beautiful Lake Geneva.

Once there, we set up base along the grass and headed down to the beach for a little paddle and splash around. Then it was time for the real deal, as we hopped onto the banana boats and made sure we were holding on tightly! Pulled along by the speedboat, we zoomed across the bright blue waters of the lake with plenty of sharp turns and corners until, eventually, we all fell off and floated in the lake in a fit of giggles and laughter! After hopping back on, and a few clumsy people falling off again much to everybody’s amusement, we zoomed around a little longer and then headed back to base. The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to sunbathing, ice cream eating and making full use of swimming in the lake as well as using the ridiculously fun water slide as many times as we could!

Once we were all back for afternoon tea, the Reds and Blues then got ready for their exciting hike up to camping! It was a tiring hike but so worth it for the beautiful views, fun bonding time and the BBQ dinner that was awaiting us when we finally reached the camp sight! Eating burgers and camping food for dinner set us up for some more adventure and after a little rest we then hiked all the way to France! It was gorgeous and all of the campers were excited about being able to be at the border. We returned back for a Bonfire with stories, songs and chocolate banana pudding and it is safe to say that everybody went to bed very happy!

Meanwhile, the Yellows were treated to a yummy pizza dinner in our local rustic pizza restaurant and we challenged to an Instagram competition! They had to upload their best pictures of camp and our social media coordinator will be deciding who’s is their best and most fun photo for some fab prizes! Once they had returned to camp, they joined the Greens for a lovely and calm movie night with everybody’s favourite film: The Pirates of the Caribbean! What a great day.