Camp Journal

Aqua Parc Green and Yellow

29th July 2013

Switzerland’s stifling summer sunshine of the past few days gave way to a hefty storm overnight which rumbled on into the morning, requiring a reshuffling of morning sports which meant only indoor football & climbing went ahead. The campers had their first experiences of session with their teachers and some campers taking their first steps in a completely new language. The continuing rain necessitated a slight change of plan with the campers heading off to the Aquaparc. The cheers from the groups concerned seemed to indicate that this was not too much of an issue. The winding slides and small groups allowed campers to get to know each other in a more laid back atmosphere while the fun of the rides of and the dryness of the indoor facilities took care of the rest. Shower hour provided the opportunity to get back in touch with family back home and a hearty dinner provided the warm bellies from which to recover from another wet day.  Evening activities gave the Greens and Yellow an opportunity to test their poker & black jack skills during casino night before the chill out and bed time allowed campers to prepare themselves for the early wakeup for glacier day. 


Tags: International