Camp Journal

All Groups ‰ÛÒ Last Day of the Adventure!

24th July 2014

The campers had a great Camp Suisse Olympic day!
It started by being divided into countries and displaying patriotism by painting flags on their faces and creating chants. Then there was the opening ceremony, the campers paraded to the countries national anthems. 

The centre was filled with excitement as the countries competed against each other in various sporting challenges, classic games like the ‘Egg and Spoon Race’ and a mix of Camp Suisse’s own creative obstacle courses. 

At Lunch time all the countries had completed the six challenges and had worked up an appetite!
In the afternoon the winners were announced and it was a tie between the USA and Mexico! There was only one way to decide the overall winner and that was a ‘Black Socks’ sing off – the athletes from USA sang the loudest and won! 

With still more energy to burn, many of the campers then took part in a mammoth football tournament, whilst others watched a DVD and did some arts and crafts. 

In the evening everyone dressed to impress for the Camp Suisse disco! The campers danced and sang along to their favourite songs.

Well, it’s been a great time with you all and we hope to see you next summer to continue our adventure!