Camp Journal

Activities and adventures in Torgon!

5th June 2019

Classes 6a and 6c spent the day orienteering and practising navigation ahead of their Refugee education day on Thursday. We learned how to use a map and compass, navigated their way around the local area, and even made their own maps! This learning will be important later in the week when they are challenged to navigate their route around camp on Thursday. After a delicious lunch of paninis and salads, the children were introduced to tag rugby by James (a native Aussie). This non-contact sport was enjoyable for everyone and the children were glad to spend the afternoon in the sun and fresh air. After a hearty dinner of fish and chips, the children were treated to a classic Camp Suisse campfire.
Luckily, last night’s bad weather passed, and we were able to go ahead with our adventure filled day as planned. Class 6b started the day becoming novice archers with our resident expert, Emily. We followed this with a trip to the climbing wall, where the children reached for new heights with instructors Katy and Steve. 6d were also adventurous to the max and spent the morning on the mountain bike trails around Torgon. After lots of practice and preparation with our mountain bike instructors Declan, Anthony and Luke, we gained confidence and almost all took on the challenge of the trails. After lunch and a rest, 6b took over on bikes and 6d marched off to the Archery Range. The Camp Suisse catering team were appreciated at dinner time when 80 hungry children came knocking!