Camp Journal

Team building tests for Green Group

10th July 2017

Today was an especially exciting day for the Greens as we received two new girls from the UK: Chiara and Eve! Welcome to our group girls! Unfortunately today was also a very rainy day for the green groups, so mountain biking was cancelled. However Plan B saved the day! It was time for some team building games instead, as the campers were given a chance to bond a little more and to put their thinking caps on and exercise their minds! Plenty of fun and silliness was had as the group attempted to achieve various challenges using boxes and tubes and plenty of fun objects by working together with lots of various rules added to the task in order to make it interesting!

After this, the thinking camps remained on in time for some language classes in the afternoon. The day then came to a close with various activities available for the group so that they could pick and choose depending on how they felt. Some played games, others watched the hilarious Finding Dory and there was even a spot of football for those with plenty of energy left!