Camp Journal

Camping for The Blues

10th July 2017

This Monday, after finishing their language lessons in the morning, the blue group went up on a hike to CAMPING! It was one of the most anticipated times of the week and they were certainly not disappointed. After two hours hiking up – and being trapped in an dramatic and exciting storm- they finally arrived to the camping area, where they took a well deserved rest and put their belongings to dry.

The evening continued with some entertaining activities like a Moo Off which had everybody giggling and feeling silly! This entertainment was followed by a delicious BBQ for dinner; after which they played some more games and even danced to some music for a while. It was a lovely and relaxed evening in which the campers were able to wind down and bond a little more with each other! Finally, one of the notorious camp stories from our imaginative and dramatic activity leaders was retold just before bed time to end the fun and everybody was squirming at the funny horror stories! It was such a nice day!



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