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A relaxing day at the lake!

22nd July 2020

Waking up bright and early, the Yellow and Green group hiked back down from Lake Taney where they had spent the night camping. The coach awaited their arrival at the bottom to take them straight to Bouveret beach by Lake Geneva.

Fortunately, after last night’s thunder storm, the weather forecast cleared as we descended the mountain roads.

With base camp set up and sun cream lathered on, the campers were able to jump straight into the lake or pool. Caterina, Iñigo and Eliana learnt to do flips in the water with Group Leader Sabrina, whilst Leonardo, Lukas, Lucas and Group Leader Floriane played tennis on the grass.

Diego, who just turned 14 yesterday (happy birthday!), stood out with his impressive water frisbee skills.

It was a very relaxed day after an active week and a great time to wind down and enjoy the picturesque Swiss scenery.


Another busy day for our senior campers!

17th July 2020

Today was another great day at camp for our senior campers! The day began with language activities and a very competitive game of Capture the Flag! In the afternoon the greens ventured off into the forest to learn some important Bushcraft skills. They had a great time building their own shelters and lighting fires using only magnesium blocks and sticks they found in the wood. Mean while the yellows spent the conquering their fears on the climbing wall! What a fab day! 

Laughter on the lake for the greens and yellows!

16th July 2020

A rainy start in Torgon didn’t stop the Greens and Yellows set off for the pool in Villeneuve. Down in the valley warm temperatures and a lot of fun greeted our campers. The morning consistent of a session to master the art of stand-up paddle boarding on the lake of Geneva. During this activity they challenged each others balancing skills, raced around the lake and had plenty of fun playing games on the paddle boards. After a spot of lunch with a glorious very across the lake, the greens and yellows had the chance to go on a banana boat ride, a definite favorite with all the campers. With non stop laughing and smiles the banana boat ride was a big hit with the campers. An evening of karaoke seems like the perfect way to end such a fun and laughter filled day!

A busy day at camp!

15th July 2020

Today was another awesome day for the greens and yellows! Campers studying a language covered vocabulary for directions and transport, while those doing sports competed in ultimate frizbee and hockey.

The green group spent the afternoon on the climbing wall. Iñigo, Skylar and Ipek particularly loved it. They were flying up the wall at supersonic speeds! Zohra and Liora both overcame their fear of heights to climb the wall and score points for their team during the games which was awesome!

Yellows spent the afternoon creating some fab paintings and playing some team building games which challenged their communication and team work skills!

The campers then finished the day with the Camp Suisse special, the BBQuizzle and some more games! 

A trip to Glacier 3000

14th July 2020

Today the Green and Yellow groups set off bright and early for their much anticipated Glacier excursion. As the gondola ascended the side of the mountain, through the clouds, we were greeted with beautiful views spanning as far as the eye can see. Husky sledding, tobogganing, a speedy run down the alpine roller coaster as well as a walk along a bridge at 3000m above sea level, were the highlights of today. A fear of heights was overcome for Cristina and Liora whilst Juliette, Regina and Till bravely flew down the alpine roller coaster at top speed. All around it was a great day up high in the clouds and snowball fights – in mid July!

An exciting start to camp for Greens and Yellows!

13th July 2020

Yesterday was spent venturing off the mountain for the greens and yellows. Starting the day at Parc Adventure, a high-ropes course which took them soaring through the trees. Some of the courses were challenging, including an awesome 250m zipline… but everyone was incredibly brave, and gave everything a good go! The afternoon was spent relaxing at the pool, before finishing the day with a music quiz!


Today was a busy day in Torgon for the greens and yellows who spent the morning immersed in  their chosen language or getting competitive on the sports field. The campers enjoyed playing a mix of ultimate frisbee and football, while in languages they learnt about introducing themselves, posing questions and using adjectives. Greens spent the afternoon getting to know each other even more with a variety of team building games then tapped into their creative side with some very cool looking pendulum painting. Yellows went to make the most of the stunning Swiss scenery with a wet Ghyll Scramble down the river which they really enjoyed! To end a fantastic day at camp greens and yellows get to enjoy an evening campfire to try their hand at real camp fire cooking and maybe even some songs and the odd story or two! What a busy day! 

Hike to Taney

14th August 2019

Yesterday, after having finished their language lessons, the Greens and Yellows had a challenging hike up to Taney. They were very tired, but all their faces changed when they saw the breathtaking views and had the chance to swim in the lake. After dinner, we all scavenged for wood to build a fire. Then, we sang songs all together and told great stories before going to bed.
This morning we hiked back down the mountain, where we caught the bus up to Torgon again. After the last language lesson of the Session, the campers said goodbye to their teachers and went ghyll scrambling . Everyone had an amazing time, made even better by having dinner in the local Italian pizzeria! What a two days we’ve had! See you next summer!

Egg Drop & Climbing

12th August 2019

Today was a great day at Camp Suisse. Kickstarted with breakfast followed by language classes, the campers were then set the ‘egg drop’ challenge: an competition where each team has to design a shield to protect their egg – the team(s) with an egg still in one piece were the winner!

After lunch, the campers went to the climbing wall and spent the rest of the afternoon climbing and having fun. After refuelling with a nutritious and delicious dinner in the dining hall, they played capture the flag before going to bed and rest before the next day.

Manuel Garcia

Trip to the Glacier & Villeneuve Pool

11th August 2019

On our first day we had the chance to enjoy the variety of activities and landscapes that Switzerland has to offer. We have had breakfast at 6.30 so that we could arrive to the glacier around 9am. The glacier can only be accessed by taking a gondola, which provides a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain ranges. The first thing we did in the glacier was taking a ride on the highest Alpine Roller coaster in the world (the pictures are now available on Smugmug!). We then walked to the bottom of the hill and spent some time with the huskies. We also had the chance to do some sledging on the snow. We then took the chairlift to come back and had lunch in the sun. After that, we drove to Villeneuve swimming pool, which has access to lake Geneva. We lay in the sun, dived in the water, ate ice cream… It was a lovely day full of contrasts!

Alba Cuendias 

Session Four Arrivals Day

10th August 2019

Arrivals day is always special. For the kids that were already in camp, they left at 9am for an awesome excursion to the Olympics Museum in Lausanne. This museum is very interactive and we could get to know everything we wanted about the Olympics. After the museum, we had lunch next to Lake Geneva before heading back to Camp. Meanwhile, the new kids arriving at camp experienced a climbing session and had a chance to get to know each other. Just before dinner, reds and blues had some time to enjoy fresh air and play on the playground just outside of camp. After a hearty dinner the campers launched in to playing some ice-breaker and team building games.

Lise Kreg