Camp Journal

Green Group: Glacier Day!

22nd July 2021

It was an early start to the day for the Greens today as they set out on the glacier excursion. That and the slightly longer bus journey was made up for by the exciting day, jam-packed with activities. First, the Greens experienced dog sledding with a pack of husky dogs. Afterwards, Windsor discovered the fastest sled and the best technique after a fair bit of trial and error during our tobogganing activity. The Alpine Coaster was the most thrilling part of the day perhaps, the kids used minimal brakes as they hurtled down through the twists and turns of the track!

After taking in the scenery of the Swiss Alps, including the Matterhorn, from the breath-taking Peak Walk, it was time to head back to Torgon for some afternoon activities. The Greens then split, with some art jamming and making decorations for our space-themed prom, and others partaking in a fiercely-fought football match. Piergiorgio brought some Italian fire to the match, while Bente in goal and Eline on attack kept the score even and the match finished 2-2. Meanwhile, Vittoria, Veronica, and Sasha were setting the scene for our space-themed pro, designing artwork of space-cows and aliens!

– Hugh Duffy, Group Leader