Camp Journal

Ecole Moser’s camping adventure

13th June 2017

Archery on the football pitch with Tori and Siobhan was wild, whacky and great fun. After some important safety briefings and top class coaching, it was time to challenge ourselves on the range in a winner takes all competition. Emotions were high and commitment was strong… stay tuned for the results to be released later in the week!

Lunch was back at camp where we then had to get ready for our overnight camping experience in a intriguing Alpine refuge nestled in the mountain side. Led by Steve, we set off on the 3 hour hike in summer sunshine; destination unknown. Apart from the great outdoors, the best part of camping is of course the camp fire, songs and toasting of marshmallows and banana boats. Toria’s camp fire songs are going to be blasted out at full volume all week long….sorry guys!