Camp Journal

The Day Of The Racoon!

1st August 2015

Thursday saw Camp Suisse HQ host it’s most successful racooning session of all time! 


What’s racooning you say? Well racooning is the charity fundraising brainchild of one of our genius ex-group leaders. 


How it works is all of the campers at Camp Suisse get a chance, during each session, to pay to vote for a member of the Camp Suisse staff to be ‘racooned’. After all the votes have been counted, the member of staff who has raised the most money, is selected. 


On the day, the chosen racoonee is sat down in front of the whole camp and the campers get to buy small cups of gross items to throw at them. Regular appearances are made by water, yogurt and beans. 


Thursday saw a particularly special ‘Double Racooning’ – where our group leader manager Tiff and camp director Richard, were nominated and selected, having raised 300 CHF between them!


A relentless half an hour of ‘get your own back’ style racooning was witnessed…and enjoyed by all!


Cold, wet and covered in beans, Tiff and Rich finished their ordeal with a final total of 531 CHF raised for our 2015 charity, The Chloe Mansfield Fund for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. 


We here at Camp Suisse are immensely proud of our generous campers and staff! We are already looking forward to opening the nominations for the Session 3 (A + B) racooning and plan to smash our previous record raised in Session 2. 


If you would like to donate to the The Chloe Mansfield Fund for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, please follow the link below! Thank you!