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Day One – La Cote International School

10th June 2015

Year 4
Our second school of this week arrived just before lunchtime, with excited faces we showed them round the camp and let them settle in to their new homes! Their afternoon session was mountain biking! The whole group made lots of improvement during the session with a little help from our activity leaders. Then most of the team managed a forest trail then the cycle back down to Camp, phew! To end their first day on a high, dinner was lasgne followed by a boogie at the Camp Suisse Disco! 


Year 6
Whilst Year 4 were mountain biking year 6 took on our climbing wall! All showed very impressive skills, enough to rival our activities team! Next they moved on to Archery where the teams took it in turns to aim for bullseye in the sunshine! After dinner, the campers went to our Camp Suisse Casino Night! 

All in all a very enjoyable first day for everyone!

Day Two – Strothoff International School

9th June 2015

Rise and shine campers!

The day started nice and early with the students of Strothoff International school boarding the Coach and heading off up the long, winding road to the Glacier! When the bus couldn’t go any further our campers hopped on the cable cars before finally reaching Glacier 3000 HQ! Everyone got chance to ride the sled pulled by the huskies before giving them a little pat well done after! But the fun didn’t end there with the campers being whizzed off to the alpine rollercoaster! After enjoying some yummy pasta pots the campers headed over to Villeneuve for an afernoon chill out session in the sun.

Meanwhile back at HQ the remainder of the activities team where busy on some training! For the morning session Brodie (our mountain biking expert) lead everyone around the woodland teaching them new techniques and tricks to pass on to our lucky campers later this week during their mountain biking session! After lunch they dived straight into some soft skills training, what a busy day!

We all met back at Camp Suisse HQ for a Green Thai Curry followed by Chocolate yogurt cake, yummy!
Everyone is tired but happy this evening, ready for their beds but excited about the adventure they’re going on tomorrow!

Day One – Strothoff International School!

8th June 2015

This afternoon we welcomed the students of Strothoff International School! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as sunny as it has been with most of the day spent with heavy downpours and storms! This didn’t put the campers off as they dived straight into their first activity, the climbing wall! After they conquered the wall it was time to head down to the accommodation where we gave the campers time to settle in and unpack!

We’re all looking forward to a tasty meal of Burritos and Nachos for dinner and seeing what fun the next week will bring!

Sunshine and Smiles!

6th June 2015

What a whirlwind this week has been! All staff had today to relax, unwind and prepare for the week ahead in the glorious sunshine. Some went to Villeneuve, others went climbing, some just slept! We’re all ready and eager to welcome our next lot of campers in and give them the time of their lives!


Day Three – Ecole International de Genève!

3rd June 2015

Today classes 6A & 6B had a very early start as they headed off up the mountain for an Icy adventure on the Glacier! Once the bus had dropped the very excited campers off everyone took a cable car high up the mountain to Glacier 3000! Welcomed by perfect conditions the classes got to ride around on a sled pulled by Huskies! The excitement didn’t end there as next it was time to whizz down the speedy alpine roller coaster! Wheee!

After a morning of giggles and glacier experiences 6A were then taken down to Martigny (or “Octoduriens” as it was once known in Ancient Rome) where they enjoyed the afternoon walking around exploring the Roman Ruins and soaking up the glorious sunshine!

Meanwhile back at Camp Suisse HQ Groups 6C & 6D where having a very sporty day! For 6C in the morning was mountain biking. The class began by learning how to maintain a bike and check its safe to go. Next they conquered the obstacle course and when everyone felt confident enough they went whizzing off round our track with our activity and group leaders!
On our sports pitch 6D had a football coaching session from Emma, one of our activity leaders, who taught the kids a trick or two! Ronaldo eat your heart out! After a short break for a refreshing beverage it was straight into a hockey session!After meeting back at the Camp HQ for some yummy sandwiches on the terrace the two teams then switched, 6C taking on Football & Hockey, whilst 6D tried their hand at mountain biking!


Another fun-filled day for the students of Ecole International de Genève, who are now looking forward to enjoying a feast of Lasagna, Breaded Mushrooms and Waffles for dinner!



Day Two – Ecole International de Genève!

2nd June 2015

Bringing ShelterBox to life 

When Camp Suisse was asked to design an activity day that really gave the students of Year 6 LGB an experiential learning experience of ShelterBox  and what it was all about, we jumped at the opportunity with both feet!

Divided up into six groups, the students learnt a variety of new skills throughout the day as well as participating in many team challenges at the same time; making fires, cooking on trangias, setting up camp using tarps and tents, building shelters using only natural resources, crossing rivers, developing navigation skills using maps and compasses as well as learning about a whole range of local flora and fauna along the way.

Bringing the reality of what ShelterBox and natural disasters are all about, in a great fun and controlled environment, resulted in a really amazing day for everyone involved.  It is safe to say the students learnt many new skills and now feel more connected with the ShelterBox charity they are supporting and the Camp Suisse staff really enjoyed sharing their knowledge of the outdoors and the local area with such an enthusiastic group.

After such a long day in the Torgon sun, 6A and 6B continued the non-stop fun with a variety of team building games after dinner whilst 6C and 6D enjoyed a DVD and some down time.

Wednesday the fun continues with 6A and 6B heading off the glacier and the Roman Ruins in Martigny, whilst 6C and 6D will be mountain biking through the woods and playing sports.
Stay tuned for more updates!!!



Day One – Ecole International de Genève!

1st June 2015

Today is the first day of fun with the students of Ecole Internationale de Genève! Classes 6A & 6B were met bright and early by Jack and Abiy, two of our group leaders, who whisked them off to the Callier Chocolate Factory! The students enjoyed an interactive tour of the history of the Cocoa Bean and got to see the different production stages of Callier chocolate. After smelling the delicious scents all morning the groups were finally put out of there misery and were allowed a taste the chocolate! Yummy!

Meanwhile, classes 6C & 6D made their way straight to Camp Suisse HQ in Torgon where they were greeted with home-made lemonade and scrumptious hot dogs! 6C then headed off for an action packed Archery session whilst 6D conquered our climbing wall. Then it was time for a changeover, 6C tried our climbing wall whilst 6D mastered Archery!


With the arrival of 6A & B at Camp HQ everyone got the opportunity to settle into their new rooms and unpack. Once everything was in order we all headed to the Diner for a feast of Nachos & Burritos courtesy of our Camp Chefs!

After dinner everyone went on the Torgona Hunt, answering questions about Camp Suisse and Torgon!

There has been a real buzz in the air tonight, with everyone very excited for what lies ahead over the next 4 days! It’s been a cracking first day, long may it continue!

Staff Training 2015 – Day Five

29th May 2015

Today the weather is hotter than ever! This morning the activity and group leaders team have been out on their bikes in the glorious sunshine! This afternoon the staff have been out on a hike all together to the camping lodge where our campers will be staying for an overnight adventure. The sights of the gorgeous swiss alps have put everyone in high spirits and everyone is looking forward to welcoming our first campers to enjoy these experiences with us!




Staff Training 2015 – Day Four

28th May 2015

Things are certainly hotting up at Camp Suisse today with the sunshine out in full force! Taking advantage of the tanning time our activity and group leaders team have headed off for some mountain bike training whilst the catering team have been busy baking cakes. Later on there is more team building games planned and scrumptious fajitas for dinner!

Fun, frolics and furious un-packing

26th May 2015

 We’re almost finished preparing Camp Suisse 2015 to open its doors to hundreds of campers from across the world. With language courses, mountain activities and sports galore, we’re looking forward to another awesome summer here in the beautiful Swiss Alps.

If you were coming to camp this summer, what would you look forward to the most? Maybe scaling our 9 metre climbing wall? Improving your French? Or even camping in the forest? Let us know…