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Why is Camp Suisse so Good for You?

20th March 2014


We’re always trying to look after our health here at Camp Suisse. Most people would agree that it’s incredibly important to stay fit and healthy, especially for a young and developing mind.
Whether it’s the healthy food or the constant exercise; there are a lot of benefits in coming to stay at Camp Suisse, some of which we’ve detailed below:
Personal and Social Benefits
They say that variety is the spice of life and here at Camp Suisse our campers are certainly from a variety of locations! We believe that one of the main benefits of coming to camp (residential or day camps) is that our campers will meet and experience people from other cultures, which is in itself a life-changing experience.
There are a lot of reasons why interacting with people from different backgrounds is so important. One can learn more about other cultures and how to be more respectful. It also helps create compassionate and open-minded thought-patterns.
Spending two weeks away from home is a great experience for children. It really is a great way to boost independence, which can lead to greater levels of self-esteem and personal responsibility.
Physical Health
We do a lot of exercise here at Camp Suisse. It’s a rare moment when we’re not out and about getting active. Whether we’re climbing rock faces, scrambling down tracks on our mountain bikes or running around on any of our other exciting activities, we like to get up and about, moving our bodies.
We all know about the benefits of exercise for our bodies. Being fit and strong improves almost everything else in your life and it’s great for your brain as well! Coming on camp will make you fitter, stronger and hardier come school-time in September.
Mental Well-Being
We all love the thrill of a challenge, but did you know that challenges are also good for you? When your brain feels like it’s being worked hard, it releases natural feel-good chemicals called endorphins. These make you feel happier, more confident and better suited to take on the world! Just by being outside and running around in the sun, your brain is releasing endorphins.
If you like the idea behind getting active in the summer-time, we have plenty more info available in our information packs. Alternatively, if you have any questions –  contact us by clicking here.