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What to Pack and What to Expect from the Weather Here at Camp Suisse

27th March 2014

Torgon is famed for being covered in snow with its mountain ranges being filled with skiers and snowboarders, but the view we have of it at Camp Suisse is something a little bit different. When most of the snow clears away in the spring the beautiful greenery of the mountains and valleys are exposed, making it perfect for our summer camps.

What is the Weather Like?

Those coming to stay with us this summer can expect great weather. With summertime temperatures in Torgon averaging 25°C and the sky normally blue and sunny, we are able to make the most of the outdoors.

What to Pack?

Now that you know what to expect from the weather, you’ve probably got a bit of an idea about what you should be helping your child pack, but here’s an outline of essential items that all of our campers should bring with them:

Clothes– During a two-week stay with Camp Suisse, campers will be able to have their clothes laundered once, so you will need to make sure enough clothes are packed to cover the majority of your trip. We also advise that you bring along some warm clothing and a raincoat as, although we’re expecting sun, there may be some rain and adverse alpine weather.

Toiletries– Along with shower gel and shampoo, don’t forget to pack a toothbrush and some sun cream! The sun shines bright here at Torgon, and with the majority of our activities being outdoors, skin protection is important, so please bring plenty of water-resistant sun cream in a high factor.

Sun Protection– As well as sun cream, remember to pack other forms of sun protection. A baseball cap or sun hat along with a pair of sunglasses, and a water bottle to help you child stay hydrated and safe in the sun.

Walking Shoes, Swimming Costume, and Trainers– Our programmes involve a lot of outdoor activities, so please make sure that your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear so they can have fun.

Journal– Although with all the activities your child will do throughout the week they may not have time to write, they might want to keep a diary of all the fun that they are having.

Book– Wherever your child is travelling from, a book or activity pack might keep them from getting bored on the journey.

We hope that this outline can be of help when packing, but parents and guardians will be happy to know that all campers booked onto one of our activity programmes will be receiving an extended list of essential items that they will need to bring to Camp Suisse.

If you’re interested in what activities Camp Suisse, one of the best summer camps in Switzerland, has to offer, then please check out our activities page. For more information, take a look at our FAQ’s, or get touch through our contact us page or by calling +44 845 5191 031.