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The Chloe Mansfield Fund

30th May 2015

Campers and staff at International Camp Suisse are fundraising this year in support of The Chloe Mansfield Fund who are building a state of the art playroom in the new respiratory ward at Great Ormond Street Hospital.
About The Chloe Mansfield Fund

In November 2012 Thuy and William Mansfield lost their second child, Chloe, at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Chloe had been born healthy but suffered a major respiratory collapse at the age of only 11 weeks. She spent the rest of her life at GOSH, dividing her time between intensive care and the respiratory ward. Unfortunately Chloe lost her incredible fight for life six months later, she was 9 months old to the day.

Chloe had an extremely rare lung condition which had never been witnessed before at GOSH. Indeed research continues today to better understand what it is that Chloe had suffered. Recently, joint efforts in medical research between the UK and the US have identified only 3 other cases world-wide of children in the last five years of whom it is believed suffered the same condition as Chloe – all these children, as with Chloe, were girls who eventually lost their life under the age of 1. And so the research continues.

There are other children at GOSH who, like Chloe, are very sick. The staff at GOSH perform miracles, they really do. But they need our help and through raising money in memory of Chloe, you can help to keep her spirit alive as well as help to save another child’s life.

To find out more about Great Ormond Street Hospital take a look at this short video, it actually features Chloe (on the ventilator):


Chloe with her Daddy