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Session Three – Day Two – Reds and Blues!

Reds and Blues started off their day with their first language lessons, with campers learning English, French, Spanish and German everyone did their fair share of bonjours and holas. After quizzing each other on what they learnt over lunch, reds headed off to the Camp Suisse climbing wall while blues tried their hand at various team building games such as the Spiders Web and bomb disposal. With a quick switch round after a spot of cake, blues were put to the test on the wall and reds mastered the crate climb where everyone reached the top and rung the victory bell. Dinner was Lasagne which went down a treat after a busy day. However, there no rest for the wicked and after dinner reds and blues completed the scavenger hunt which had them exploring all of Torgon…winners to be announced on Friday! 


Session Two – Day Nine – Reds and Blues

Yesterday the red and blue groups had a fun morning of language lessons, improving their speaking and writing and preparing their presentations for Wednesday evenings language talent show.


After a delicious packed lunch enjoyed out on the decking in the sun, the campers piled into the coach and headed down the mountain to the Labyrinth Adventure Park, where they all spent an afternoon of bouncy castles, giant games and of course the Labyrinth itself!


Arriving back at camp, just in time for ‘shower hour’, the camper sat down for a well deserved dinner of french onion soup followed by cottage pie. To top the day off, some team building games were played before bed…it was clear that everyone was ready to bunk down for the night in preparation for their trip to the Callier Chocolate and Gruyere Cheese factories tomorrow.