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Session Two – Day Six – Yellow Group

Today the Yellow group had a choice in their activity and each one was so varied, from art jamming to mountain biking and outdoor climbing each one completely different and come with their own challenges whether it be to have the skill and determination to get to the top of the rock face or think of something imaginative to draw on the courtyard.

 The climbers were amazing, with some climbers only using our indoor wall this was a completely new experience and one they took to extremely quickly, after a lesson in knots and how to safely belay someone the yellows were up and down like naturals.

 While our climbers were doing this some of the other Yellows were listening to some music in the Swiss sunshine and letting their creative minds flow, with colours, drawings, designs and whole waves of imagination  being transferred onto the courtyard. It was such a surprise to see what they had been up to when the climbers returned.

 Meanwhile Diane’s yellow group were up high in the Swiss Alps on their bikes and being taught some mountain biking skills. The news their is that they were brilliant and it wasn’t long before they were ready to tackle some of the trails!

 After all this fun the Yellows went to their language lessons, once again the improvement is incredible and each of them couldn’t wait to tell us what they had learnt at dinner! After this the Yellows were up in the sports hall to play some volleyball and were also given some time to chill out after a brilliant and fun week at Camp Suisse!

 Bring on next week!