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Session Two – Day Six – Red Group

After starting off our day with language lessons, we filled our stomachs with a hearty lunch ready for an afternoon of mountain biking. With there being a few campers that had never ridden bikes before, we split the group and did a master class with the beginners and a skill training session with those with more experience riding.

Those in the beginners triumphed, with Abdul-Kareem managing the completely cycle on his own by the end of the session. Others such as Sidra, Fatma, Sami and Mohamed beamed with confidence after a couple of hours on a saddle. A very proud day for all!

While the beginners we’re learning the ropes, the more advanced group were doing mountain bike drills with Ed and Sam. After putting them through their paces learning the attack position they tackled the track and finally the ride back down to camp.

Casino night went down a treat after another great day at Camp Suisse!