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Session Three B – Day 4!

Today marked the final day of language lessons where campers created projects about various languages and cultures.  The afternoon for reds and blues was spent playing sport and then gyll scrambling which involved overcoming various obstacles in the river.  The kids had a great time and loved getting wet and muddy!  Meanwhile the greens and yellows took part in mountain adventure day where they learnt to put up hammocks and tarps, filter water and build natural shelters!  A great day was had by all and some valuable survival lessons learnt. The evening was spent designing and building rockets which was a great success.

Session Two – Day Ten – Reds and Blues

Today was a very exciting day for the red and blue groups as they were heading off to the Callier chocolate factory and Gruyère old town! Upon our arrival we split everyone into two groups and excitedly started our interactive tour of the factory! The exhibit was really useful and taught us all about how chocolate is made and where the ingredients come from! The kids were very excited and they said they were so shocked that they actually enjoyed factual information because it was about chocolate!After the main exhibits the kids moved on to the most popular section, the taste testing! Everyone was allowed to try each piece once! It was a very yummy starter for our packed lunches!

Next it was time to hit the gift shop where most bought gifts to take home or for the journey back to camp. Finally, to complete our time at Callier we all took part in an interactive quiz summarising everything we’d learnt! Tensions were high as the kids competed for the number one spot!
Next stop on our agenda, Gruyère! We all took a stroll through the beautiful old town and walked by the castle to the park where we set up base camp! Everyone had fun playing in the park and running around!
It was a brilliant day out, so good we didn’t want it to end!

Session Two – Day Ten – Yellows and Greens

Today the green and yellow groups headed further up the mountain to our alpine outpost, the camping site! To get there all the group were faced with a challenging hike which included, rocky paths, downhill slopes and obstacles to overcome! All campers got stuck and and before long we were arriving a little tired, but very happy! Once everyone was settled into their new home for the night we all took part playing traditional camping games such as sardines and various card games!It wasn’t long before we lit the BBQ and campers were tucking into delicious hot dogs and burgers, yummy! It the perfect treat for everyone after a long day!
However…..the day hike wasn’t enough for some of the campers who opted to take part in our night walk to the Swiss/French border and hiked right into France! This was definitely a first for most of our campers and it was great to see how excited everyone got! Another great day had by all!

Session Two – Day Nine – Reds and Blues

Yesterday the red and blue groups had a fun morning of language lessons, improving their speaking and writing and preparing their presentations for Wednesday evenings language talent show.


After a delicious packed lunch enjoyed out on the decking in the sun, the campers piled into the coach and headed down the mountain to the Labyrinth Adventure Park, where they all spent an afternoon of bouncy castles, giant games and of course the Labyrinth itself!


Arriving back at camp, just in time for ‘shower hour’, the camper sat down for a well deserved dinner of french onion soup followed by cottage pie. To top the day off, some team building games were played before bed…it was clear that everyone was ready to bunk down for the night in preparation for their trip to the Callier Chocolate and Gruyere Cheese factories tomorrow.

Session Two – Day Nine – Greens and Yellows

Kicking the day off with an ArtJam session, the Greens and Yellows created some amazing masterpieces to hang all around the Camp Suisse Centre. Some serious archery skills were displayed later that morning as the campers took to the field to emulate the Prince of Thieves himself… Robin Hood!

After lunch the campers headed to the class rooms for their language lessons in preparation for their entries into the Camp Suisse Language Talent Show.

Evening ents took the form of the infamous Campers Vs. Staff football match. After making a strong play in the first half, the staff were 1-0 up. But, with shocker storming from the campers in the 2nd half, the final whistle was blown and the game ended with the campers walking away with a landslide victory of 6-2!

Sesson Two – Day Eight – Red and Blue Group

The red and blue group set off bright and early this morning ready for a day on Lake Geneva for a spot of banana boating! Everyone had their fair share of capsized bananas and by lunchtime everyone was soaked! We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming in the lake, playing football and eating ice creams. Despite the weather being a little greyer than we’d hoped there were high spirits all round.
Back at camp, we enjoyed a yummy dinner of tortellini ready for our evening entertainment, Dracula!!


Session Two – Day Six – Blue Group

After a busy morning learning and improving our language skills we went to the sports hall to start a team-building session. We were split into three groups and we had to design a rocket, then build it with different materials! We used plastic bottles, duct tape and cups etc. It was very interesting and even some of the group leaders designed their own! Once we’d finished building activity leader Tom put water into the rockets and we prepared to launch! Then it was time to count down, three, two, one, BLAST OFF!
Once we’d all landed back to earth we had our ‘afternoon tea’ and we headed to the river for our Ghyll scrambling session. We had to go through the river and the water was incredibly cold! It was a great experience, even if it was a wet one!
To round off another fab day we headed to the Camp Suisse casino to play a variety of different games that we all enjoyed!

Session Two – Day Five – Green Group

Today the campers had a day filled with sports! In the morning we walked to the football field where we played volleyball and football before enjoying a giant game of rounders. After lunch the campers learned the basics of archery and had a blast aiming at the targets. Then they tried their climbing skills at the Camp Suisse climbing wall.

They finished the day with a delicious dinner and a fun Music Quiz!


Session Two – Day Four – Green and Yellows

Shaking off the morning sleepiness, the green and yellow campers dived head first into their language lessons. After a few minutes of hard thinking, the campers were wide awake ready to tackle the day. By the time lunch had come around, the improvements in the campers’ language skills was already noticeable. Caring deeply for their subjects, the Camp Suisse language tutors were elated to see the enthusiasm and enjoyment, displayed by the campers, for their lessons. 


After lunch it was time to head off to the Adventure Parc for an afternoon of some tree-top craziness. A brilliant couple of hours of tree swinging, tunnel crawling and rope climbing was sadly interrupted by the recently absent Swiss thunderstorm. Although spectacular, swinging from trees is generally not advised in a thunderstorm! After heading back to Camp HQ, the campers enjoyed their shower hour followed by a tasty dinner of Burritos.

After a day only whispering to each other, all became clear….they were saving their voices for KARAOKE! and what voices they were! Rock on Greens and Yellows!



Welcome Session Two Campers!

Arriving by cars, trains and aeroplanes…all our Session Two campers have arrived at Camp Suisse HQ for two weeks of fun, learning and adventure.


Groups Red, Blue, Green and Yellow all met each other yesterday night over a pasta bolognese dinner followed by a Camp HQ tour and team building games in our activities hall.


Today, well rested after a good sleep in our comfortable chalets, all our campers were up raring and ready to go.


Over the next two weeks we will be posting all the stories and pictures from Session Two 2015. Watch this space to stay up-to-date with our campers activities.