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Session Two – Day Six – Green Group

Today the campers went Ghyll scrambling! They had a fantastic time manoeuvring over rocks and through the water. They worked together to climb over a fallen tree trunk and through a rubber tyre obstacle. We also had a lot of fun splashing each other! The cool water was really refreshing from the hot, sunny day! After our river adventure the green group ate lunch and went to language lessons. 

They finished the day with a group game of volleyball!

Session Two – Day Five – Reds and Blues

Today the reds and blues went to the Glacier 3000! 
After an early breakfast aqnd a long bus ride we arrived on the glacier. We first started with a guided tour which was followed by sledging and finally the alpine rollercoaster! We even ate lunch at the top and did a quick tour of the gift shop before heading to the swimming pool. Here the campers could swim, make bracelets at base camp, go to the shop or chill on the grass. After making our way back to camp, we had a lovely dinner followed by movie night and hot chocolate, yum!