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Session Two – Day Nine – Reds and Blues

Yesterday the red and blue groups had a fun morning of language lessons, improving their speaking and writing and preparing their presentations for Wednesday evenings language talent show.


After a delicious packed lunch enjoyed out on the decking in the sun, the campers piled into the coach and headed down the mountain to the Labyrinth Adventure Park, where they all spent an afternoon of bouncy castles, giant games and of course the Labyrinth itself!


Arriving back at camp, just in time for ‘shower hour’, the camper sat down for a well deserved dinner of french onion soup followed by cottage pie. To top the day off, some team building games were played before bed…it was clear that everyone was ready to bunk down for the night in preparation for their trip to the Callier Chocolate and Gruyere Cheese factories tomorrow.

Session Two – Day Nine – Greens and Yellows

Kicking the day off with an ArtJam session, the Greens and Yellows created some amazing masterpieces to hang all around the Camp Suisse Centre. Some serious archery skills were displayed later that morning as the campers took to the field to emulate the Prince of Thieves himself… Robin Hood!

After lunch the campers headed to the class rooms for their language lessons in preparation for their entries into the Camp Suisse Language Talent Show.

Evening ents took the form of the infamous Campers Vs. Staff football match. After making a strong play in the first half, the staff were 1-0 up. But, with shocker storming from the campers in the 2nd half, the final whistle was blown and the game ended with the campers walking away with a landslide victory of 6-2!

Session Two – Day Four – Green and Yellows

Shaking off the morning sleepiness, the green and yellow campers dived head first into their language lessons. After a few minutes of hard thinking, the campers were wide awake ready to tackle the day. By the time lunch had come around, the improvements in the campers’ language skills was already noticeable. Caring deeply for their subjects, the Camp Suisse language tutors were elated to see the enthusiasm and enjoyment, displayed by the campers, for their lessons. 


After lunch it was time to head off to the Adventure Parc for an afternoon of some tree-top craziness. A brilliant couple of hours of tree swinging, tunnel crawling and rope climbing was sadly interrupted by the recently absent Swiss thunderstorm. Although spectacular, swinging from trees is generally not advised in a thunderstorm! After heading back to Camp HQ, the campers enjoyed their shower hour followed by a tasty dinner of Burritos.

After a day only whispering to each other, all became clear….they were saving their voices for KARAOKE! and what voices they were! Rock on Greens and Yellows!



Session Two – Day Three – Yellow & Greens

The sun rose bright and shining today for the most epic day at Camp Suisse: glacier day !!! After a short night and a solid breakfast, our campers embarked on their exciting journey. Needless to say everyone sang their heart out in the bus on the way to the glacier. The campers then took a cable car, all the way up to the 3000 metres high glacier. Being surrounded by snow in mid-July is always an amazing experience, especially for some of the campers who had never seen snow in their lives! After an epic snow fight, the campers went sledging and rode on the world’s highest rollercoaster!

The kids could then admire the breath-taking view, while having lunch.


It was then time to head down to Villeneuve, where our campers spent a blissful afternoon at the swimming pool by the lake Geneva. Everyone tried to jump from the diving board at least once (and rewarded themselves with ice cream and sweets afterwards). The ride back to camp was as cheerful as the morning ride, although our campers were quite tired after such an exciting day.


5:30 only means one thing at Camp Suisse: shower hour! Our campers can enjoy a well-deserved shower, call their parents, chill in the ping-pong room or buy fizzy drinks at the Kiddy’s bar. Dinner was quite exotic – chicken thai curry and chocolate cake. Everyone then settled on a beanbag in the TV Room and enjoyed a cosy movie night, watching the Hunger Games while drinking homemade hot chocolate. Finally it was bedtime for all the kids, who were pretty exhausted after such a fun day. 




Session Two – Day One – Reds and Blues

Reds and Blues woke up ready and raring for their first day at Camp Suisse, after a hearty breakfast all campers were tested on their language skills ready for lessons to begin on Monday.

Before lunch, we had enough just enough time to squeeze in a couple of skills sessions necessary for surviving in the woods; stove training and navigation. Once everyone had got to grips with a compass and had learned about the three different types of ‘North’ we all enjoyed an International lunch in the Camp Suisse dining room.

When the campers were finished raiding the tuck shop we all made our way back into the words to work on our shelter and hammock building skills, as well as learning how to filter our own water with Sphagnum moss found in the Torgon forest.

After dinner, the reds and blues went head-to-head in the Torgona hunt challenge, an über treasure hunt which takes them all over Torgon searching for clues.



Session Two – Day One – Green and Yellows

Big day banana boating for the greens and yellows! After a quick language test to assign the children to their classes we jumped on the coach and headed down to Lake Geneva.
It was another beautifully hot day and the campers enjoyed the morning in the lake. We had an awesome few hours of banana boating with everyone ending up soaking wet!
After a well deserved lunch the campers spent the rest of the day relaxing by the lake, playing volleyball, football, rounders and even a few card games.

A fantastic day all round was finished off with a very noisy coach journey home as the camp choir, led by Max, serenaded the whole group! A fantastic first day of session two!


Day Eleven – Greens and Yellows

Finally the time had arrived for one of the major activities at Camp Suisse – the overnight camping trip. Greens and yellows carefully packed their rucksacks with clean clothes, toothbrushes and full water bottles, ready for the much anticipated hike! Campers set off around 10am and trekked through the forest, gradually moving uphill with regular breaks along the way. Packed lunches were enjoyed at 12.30, with a little lie in the sun helping tired limbs recover. The second half of the hike was a little gentler, and the campers moved at a good speed, eventually reaching the camp at 2.30pm. Everyone was excited to settle into the chalet, with all 12 boys squeezing into one room together, and the girls spreading between two rooms. Some much-needed relaxation was in order, and campers enjoyed playing table football, ping pong and various card games until dinner. Chefs Curtis and Jodie whipped up an amazing BBQ for 34 campers plus staff, rounded off with the Camp Suisse classic of melted bananas and chocolate. The after-dinner quiz was enjoyed by all with ‘majority rules’ round provoking controversy and hilarity. Amazingly, many campers still had the energy to hike up to the French border to enjoy the Bastille Day fireworks, before settling into sleeping bags for a well-deserved sleep.
The next morning, after eating breakfast and packing away, the campers enjoyed a much more relaxed hike back to the centre, leaving time for a shower before lunch. Language lessons followed, with the added thrill of preparing for the evening Talent Show, in which the campers demonstrated how much progress they have made in their language classes over the last two weeks. Campers were also presented with awards to celebrate some of the activities and qualities they have demonstrated skills in during the session.


Separate Junior and Senior Programmes at Camp Suisse

This summer (2015) will see the introduction of separate Juniors’ (ages 7-11), and Seniors’ (ages 12-17) programmes during the same camp session at Camp Suisse. Separate programmes will enable us to continue our commitment to the watchful and dedicated close supervision of the younger campers, while allowing the older campers to have greater personal responsibility in their day-to-day camp life.

The Juniors’ programme will still have small group sizes of 5-8 campers and be a closely supervised journey through the Camp Suisse experience. We will continue to strive to meet the individual needs of our young campers; ensuring they have the trip of a lifetime with us in the safest possible environment.

The Seniors’ programme will still also be divided up into age specific groups for their day to day activities as early adolescents (ages 12 – 14) and our oldest campers (ages 15-17). With more distant supervision, the Seniors’ programme will allow older campers to explore their talents and grow as young adults amongst friends.

The early adolescent programme (ages 12 -14) has been created to find the right balance between allowing campers who are more proficient in certain activities to flourish whilst allowing the less proficient to still be nurtured and educated.

The Seniors’ programme for our oldest campers (ages 15 – 17) is all about taking on more responsibility in their day-to-day camp life, acting as leaders and role models to our younger campers while challenging them in a safe, structured environment.

You can read more about the separate programmes here.

Camp Suisse brings education to the mountains

International Camp Suisse is well-known for its school holiday summer camps, but did you know that the camp also opens its doors to school groups from mid-May to the end of June?

 Schools all over the world use Camp Suisse’s perfect combination of Alpine location and excellent facilities to offer students the opportunity to study and enjoy a wide range of outdoor pursuits at our purpose-built centre.

Whether it’s brushing up on language skills, getting hands on with the unique geography and geology of the Torgon area or learning teamwork and useful life skills such as map reading and how to use a compass, Camp Suisse can be the perfect end to a long school term.

Students stay at Camp Suisse with their teachers who work closely with the knowledgeable camp staff to ensure that each camper gets to enjoy everything that Camp Suisse has to offer as well as boosting their learning by bring subjects like glaciation, European history and languages to life.


Every year we work hard to see if there is any way we can improve the Camp Suisse experience. This year is no different and we’re delighted to announce that the 2014 activity programme will now include full day excursions. Previously our excursions have all been afternoon-only but thanks to the hard work of the Camp Suisse team we have been able to revise things a little so that excursion days will now begin straight after breakfast (rather than lunchtime). This means more time for our international campers to explore Switzerland, spend longer with the husky dogs, see more of the medieval towns and add a few more minutes to the chocolate factory tour! This year’s excursion days include:

Glacier day – Alpine roller coaster and husky dog sledding (followed by afternoon in the pool on Lake Geneva)

Gruyeres day – explore the medieval town and enjoy tours of the Gruyères cheese factory and the Cailler chocolate factory

Adventure Park (High-ropes course) and Adventure Labyrinth

Banana boating on Lake Geneva / Aquaparc water park followed by a trip to the newly re-opened and improved International Olympic Museum in Lausanne

And, of course, all of these are in addition to our fantastic in-resort activities including hiking, camping, mountain biking, orienteering, survival craft, archery, rock climbing, indoor climbing and a range of different sports.

Click here and book your 2014 session today.