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Session Two – Day Six – Green Group

Today the campers went Ghyll scrambling! They had a fantastic time manoeuvring over rocks and through the water. They worked together to climb over a fallen tree trunk and through a rubber tyre obstacle. We also had a lot of fun splashing each other! The cool water was really refreshing from the hot, sunny day! After our river adventure the green group ate lunch and went to language lessons. 

They finished the day with a group game of volleyball!

Session Two – Day Five – Yellow Group

What a fun day at camp for the yellow group!

The kids spent the morning at the football pitches playing football, volleyball and rounders. Some pretty intense competitions were had, with the come back of the day being against Alex’s volleyball team! After a buffet lunch back at camp half the group headed to the river for Ghyll scrambling while the other half stayed at base camp for their very own Apolo 13 mission, rocket building!

After a quick swop of activities we finished off a fantastic day with dinner and the ultimate music quiz!