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Session Three – Day Six!

After a good camp breakfast, all of the colour groups headed off into the beautiful mountains of the Portes du Soleil. The red and blue group took a slightly shorter route whilst the greens and yellows were able to go on a bit of a longer hike. Thankfully the sun was shining bright, making our hike a lot more enjoyable. Everyone enjoyed lunch on the mountains, before continuing our hike onto the ski hut, which was to be our home for the evening. The late afternoon was spent playing games, dancing to music and chilling out – the rest was much needed after the long day of walking. At dinner time we were joined by our lovely kitchen staff who made us delicious burgers and sausages and chocolate bananas for pudding. After dinner, the red and blue group sang some camping songs whilst the greens and yellows hiked up to the French border and came back by torchlight.

All in all, a great day was had by all.

Session Two – Day Ten – Yellows and Greens

Today the green and yellow groups headed further up the mountain to our alpine outpost, the camping site! To get there all the group were faced with a challenging hike which included, rocky paths, downhill slopes and obstacles to overcome! All campers got stuck and and before long we were arriving a little tired, but very happy! Once everyone was settled into their new home for the night we all took part playing traditional camping games such as sardines and various card games!It wasn’t long before we lit the BBQ and campers were tucking into delicious hot dogs and burgers, yummy! It the perfect treat for everyone after a long day!
However…..the day hike wasn’t enough for some of the campers who opted to take part in our night walk to the Swiss/French border and hiked right into France! This was definitely a first for most of our campers and it was great to see how excited everyone got! Another great day had by all!

Session Two – Day Three – Reds and Blues

Today was the reds and blues camping adventure!

Of course we needed to get their first so we started set off on our hike at around 10:30! After about an hour of hiking to Plan de Croix we had a long break and a snack – next stop the top! The scenery of the mountains was fantastic and everyone had plenty of fun singing songs and chants to keep us going! We eventually got to the alpine outpost at 15:00.The campers played a lot of ping pong whilst waiting for dinner, then we all had a table football tournament! A well deserved dinner of sausages and hamburgers was next on the agenda, yummy! Time for a few camping songs before bedtime, everyone needs their rest as tomorrow it’s the hike back down the mountain!