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Sesson Two – Day Eight – Red and Blue Group

The red and blue group set off bright and early this morning ready for a day on Lake Geneva for a spot of banana boating! Everyone had their fair share of capsized bananas and by lunchtime everyone was soaked! We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming in the lake, playing football and eating ice creams. Despite the weather being a little greyer than we’d hoped there were high spirits all round.
Back at camp, we enjoyed a yummy dinner of tortellini ready for our evening entertainment, Dracula!!


Session Two – Day One – Green and Yellows

Big day banana boating for the greens and yellows! After a quick language test to assign the children to their classes we jumped on the coach and headed down to Lake Geneva.
It was another beautifully hot day and the campers enjoyed the morning in the lake. We had an awesome few hours of banana boating with everyone ending up soaking wet!
After a well deserved lunch the campers spent the rest of the day relaxing by the lake, playing volleyball, football, rounders and even a few card games.

A fantastic day all round was finished off with a very noisy coach journey home as the camp choir, led by Max, serenaded the whole group! A fantastic first day of session two!



Every year we work hard to see if there is any way we can improve the Camp Suisse experience. This year is no different and we’re delighted to announce that the 2014 activity programme will now include full day excursions. Previously our excursions have all been afternoon-only but thanks to the hard work of the Camp Suisse team we have been able to revise things a little so that excursion days will now begin straight after breakfast (rather than lunchtime). This means more time for our international campers to explore Switzerland, spend longer with the husky dogs, see more of the medieval towns and add a few more minutes to the chocolate factory tour! This year’s excursion days include:

Glacier day – Alpine roller coaster and husky dog sledding (followed by afternoon in the pool on Lake Geneva)

Gruyeres day – explore the medieval town and enjoy tours of the Gruyères cheese factory and the Cailler chocolate factory

Adventure Park (High-ropes course) and Adventure Labyrinth

Banana boating on Lake Geneva / Aquaparc water park followed by a trip to the newly re-opened and improved International Olympic Museum in Lausanne

And, of course, all of these are in addition to our fantastic in-resort activities including hiking, camping, mountain biking, orienteering, survival craft, archery, rock climbing, indoor climbing and a range of different sports.

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