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Sesson Two – Day Eight – Red and Blue Group

The red and blue group set off bright and early this morning ready for a day on Lake Geneva for a spot of banana boating! Everyone had their fair share of capsized bananas and by lunchtime everyone was soaked! We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming in the lake, playing football and eating ice creams. Despite the weather being a little greyer than we’d hoped there were high spirits all round.
Back at camp, we enjoyed a yummy dinner of tortellini ready for our evening entertainment, Dracula!!


Session Two – Day One – Green and Yellows

Big day banana boating for the greens and yellows! After a quick language test to assign the children to their classes we jumped on the coach and headed down to Lake Geneva.
It was another beautifully hot day and the campers enjoyed the morning in the lake. We had an awesome few hours of banana boating with everyone ending up soaking wet!
After a well deserved lunch the campers spent the rest of the day relaxing by the lake, playing volleyball, football, rounders and even a few card games.

A fantastic day all round was finished off with a very noisy coach journey home as the camp choir, led by Max, serenaded the whole group! A fantastic first day of session two!