Congratulations on joining the Camp Suisse team this summer - we are delighted to welcome you onboard! Camp Suisse aims to create a welcome and friendly environment for staff and campers alike.

This Staff Zone should act as a reference for you throughout your contract with us. You will find essential information about your accommodation, meals, working conditions, our expectations of you and the perks from which you can benefit.

We are confident that you will have a summer of a lifetime working with us. If, after reading this information, anything remains unclear please do not hesitate to come and speak to a member of the Senior Management Team or your Line Manager.

Senior Management Team  


Oversees pastoral care as well as domestic operations including: catering, operations, administration





Oversees the delivery of activities, language programmes and excursions






Oversees facilities, logistics and provides management support to the directors




Middle Management Team  



Line Manager for Group Leaders, PCL and Language Teachers, oversees day-to-day running of the Camp







See Rosie for questions about pay, excursions, your accommodation and travel








Line Manager for Activities staff, oversees delivery of the activities programme








Line Manager for all catering staff, oversees Catering Staff rota, stock and kitchen operations





Who can help me?  

Work related

If you are struggling with your workload, are unhappy about your working hours, or wish to request a certain day off, you should in the first instance speak to your Line Manager:

  • Catering – Ellie Read
  • Activities – Steve Cross
  • Group Leaders/ Language Teachers – Hannah Kane
  • PCL – Hannah Kane

Pastoral Issues

If you feel homesick, or if an issue with family or a friend occurs, you can speak to:

  • Directors – Julie (Top Office) and Richard (Downstairs Office)
  • Your Line Manager

Accommodation, Perks, Travel & Other Concerns

If you have any queries about your accommodation or travel arrangements, please contact Rosie Bostock.

If you have any general concerns, or a concern about another member of staff you should contact:

  • Directors – Julie and Richard
  • Your Line Manager

We operate an ‘open door’ policy about all of the above issues – you are always welcome to come and discuss any issue you may have in the Top Office in the strictest confidence, our office hours are 08h00 to 18h30.


Arrival & Finish Dates

Please note that, as outlined in communications relating to travel, we have asked all staff to arrive in Torgon on the 3rd July.

Official Arrival and Departure Dates

Dates when we are offering transfers to and from Geneva Airport and Aigle Train Station.

  • 3rd July
  • 17th August

Official Start Dates

4th – 6th July – All staff must participate in a training week prior to campers arrival.

Official End Dates

If not already stated in your job offer the official end date for the 2020 season is Monday 17th August.


Pay in four-weekly instalments

Wages are always paid in arrears. If you have opted to be paid every four weeks, you should expect your earnings to reach the account you nominated before arriving at Camp Suisse no later than seven days after the end of the pay period. This delay is due to the fact all wages must be processed and are then exchanged from Swiss Francs (CHF) to British Pounds (GBP) as part of the payment process. We use a platform called TransferWise, which ensures you receive the best exchange rate possible.

Pay in one lump-sum

If you have opted to be paid at the end of your contract in one lump sum, you should expect your earnings to reach your account no later than seven days following the end of the pay period after you have finished working for us.

So if you finish on 17st August, your wages will reach your account anywhere up to seven days after 4th September. See table below for more information. 

Your Payslip

Your payslip is sent via email, from TransferWise, when the money reaches your nominated account.

Invoicing Us

If your contract requires you to submit an invoice, please use our invoice template.

Once completed, you should download, save and send your invoice to

How much you earn…

The amount you earn is broadly determined by how long you have worked for us: everyone starts off on the same pay; returning staff earn more for subsequent seasons; managerial roles attract a higher salary.


Summer 2020 – Pay Periods

Pay periods run for four weeks.

Period 1 13 June – 10 July
Period 2 11 July – 7 August
Period 3 8 August – 4 September


Accommodation & Meals  

Your contract includes accommodation and meals. 

Meals are provided three times a day in the dining hall. Usually, the timings are: 08h00 – breakfast; 12h30 – lunch (either buffet-style or packed lunch); 18h30 – dinner.

Accommodation is shared, and is either located on-site in the chalets or on the balcony, or off-site in an apartment or in Hotel de Torgon. 


What we expect from you…

  • To ensure your accommodation is kept clean and tidy
  • To keep noise levels to a minimum – particularly after 22h00
  • To report any maintenance faults/ issues/ breakages to the Top Office as soon as possible
  • To dispose of all rubbish by using the recycling bins provided on-site, or if you have a lot of rubbish, by first consulting the Top Office of the best course of action for disposal

We have been located in Torgon for over fifteen years. Throughout this time, we have worked hard to build good relationships with local businesses and residents. As a result, we do not want these relationships to be damaged by inconsiderate, noisy behaviour. We would like to remind you that you are representing Camp Suisse at all times, even when not in work. 

If you are in an apartment, this will be inventoried at the start and at the end of your stay. Mid-season inventories and checks may also be carried out; you will be informed of these in advance. 

We do our best to minimise the amount we relocate staff throughout the season. However, operational reasons do sometimes mean that you may be required to move accommodation mid-season.

If you are unhappy with your accommodation, or with whom you share a room, please see Julie or Rosie Bostock in the Top Office. 


Perks & Services  

We always like to reward hard work. For many staff, particularly those working in domestic roles, this will involve going on our excellent excursions to places such as the Aqua Parc, glacier, and chocolate factory. In order to benefit from these perks, we think it’s reasonable for us to expect you to demonstrate a strong work ethic and teamwork.

Excursions & Lifts Down the Mountain

Available during international sessions from 11th July to the end of the season.


  1. Contact Rosie Bostock at least three days before the excursion takes place
  2. We will check with your Line Manager that you have demonstrated a good work ethic
  3. We will inform you the following day whether or not you can go on the excursion
  4. If your request has been approved, we will send you an excursion ticket via email or Messenger
  5. Enjoy your day out! Don’t forget to show your excursion ticket on your phone to the Group Leader in charge of the excursion when boarding the coach.
  • You should aim to enquire about going on an excursion by contacting Rosie Bostock as soon as possible once your shifts and the timetable of activities and excursions has been released. 
  • You may not swap shifts/ days off with anyone without permission from your Line Manager.
  • You may ask your Line Manager in advance for a specific day off, although this cannot be guaranteed 
  • If you wish to get a lift down the mountain on the bus, you should contact Rosie Bostock. The same process will be followed; you will be issued with a Coach Ticket via email or Messenger if successful.


  • Transport is not officially included in anyone’s contract. However, if you arrive on one of our official arrival days, within our preferred times, we endeavour to provide you with transport from Geneva Airport or Aigle Train Station to Camp Suisse.
  • We also endeavour to accommodate return transfers, providing you have demonstrated strong work ethic and teamwork. 
  • You should inform us of your return flight details as far in advance as possible, and no later than 10 days ahead of your departure date. 


If you need anything printed during your contract with us, whether it’s for work or yourself, please email the document as an attachment to:

If sent before 16h00, in most cases, your document will be printed the same day.

Laundry & Cleaning

There is a washing machine and detergent which you can use, located underneath the Top Office. We ask that you empty your washed clothes as soon as possible from the machine and hang them to dry, using the clothes airers provided. Please collect your laundry from the airers no more than three days later. Clothes left for over a week will be moved to lost property. 

To clean your accommodation, please liaise with Housekeeping who can provide you with the relevant materials.


  • Cars – you’re more than welcome to bring your car to Camp Suisse; however, this should not be brought onto our property. You should park in the village square. 
  • Smoking – we operate a non-smoking policy throughout the Camp. If you smoke, this must be done discretely and well away from the view of any campers.
  • Drugs/ Substance Abuse – these are forbidden; use or possession will incur severe disciplinary action, including instant dismissal. 
  • Foul Language – this is not tolerated in front of campers, nor to other members of staff, especially in a working environment. If you are caught using such language in such circumstances, you will face disciplinary action. 
  • Physical Relationships – these must be kept discrete in front of campers.
  • Phones/ digital devices – you must not use these in front the campers, including in the dining hall. To use your phone, you should either be in your accommodation or the staff room.
  • Alcohol – this must never be consumed in the view of campers, nor should the centre be used as a social venue when campers or visitors are staying. The local bars are a more “approved” venue. When returning to your accommodation later in the evening, you must keep noise to a minimum. 
  • Footwear – flip flops, sliders and sandals are not permitted to be worn at any time when on site. You must wear closed-toe footwear. This applies to when you’re working as well as when you’re on site during leisure time/ for mealtimes.
  • Waste – we operate a zero waste policy, meaning everything is recycled. You should dispose of waste from your department or accommodation using the appropriate bins provided.