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You wont recognise us?!

30th January 2013

Visitors to Torgon this week would not recognise the home of Camp Suisse!!!

We have had an extraordinary amount of snowfall much to the delight of the skiers and boarders of the region! All the iconic toblerone-shaped buildings are covered in a thick layer of the white stuff and the pine trees lining the streets are just picture postcard perfect… 














Did you know there are webcams all round Torgon – you can check up on us in the summer as well as the winter!!! – Check them out here: 

So at least for Camp Directors Richard and Julie who are beavering away in the Camp Suisse igloo / office, the view from the window is stunning! 










And… the fantastic new suspension bridge which was under constructed in summer was finally completed and unveiled in September. The pioneering project aimed at protecting pedestrians and walkers sees a 145m long foot bridge suspended 30m from the ground joining the old part of Torgon village with the newer part (La Jorette). It will be an good fun excursion for our campers to take a walk across the bridge and will greatly improve links to the restaurants, hotel and other services located in the old part of the village.


Here’s what the local press had to say: 




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