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8th March 2012

“Amazing… One of the best times of my life” (Isaac, aged 14).

We believe in what we do and take great pride in doing it. We’re our biggest fans but also our biggest critics. That’s why your comments are so important. We listen carefully to the reams of feedback (both good and not-so-good) that we receive each year from campers and their parents.

This means are constantly evaluating what we do and always improving the experience of all the young people who flood through our doors every summer. Understanding the difficulties that parents and guardians face in deciding which camp to send their young ones to, we make no habit of hiding the not-so-positive feedback we receive – it’s about giving you the chance to fully assess our suitability.

For this reason we publish a selection of feedback on our website every year. It’s a warts-and-all look into Camp Suisse by the people who have been there, done it and of course got the Camp Suisse T-shirt. We ask the pertinent questions in regard to our staff, food, activities, programme, facilities and even the weather. You can see it for yourself under ‘About the Camp’ and ‘Feedback‘. 

In addition, since the close of camp back in August our crafty cameraman Glen has been putting the final touches to last summer’s video. It’s an action packed rollercoaster ride through some of the summer’s highlights featuring snippets of interviews with our campers. Here’s a taster of what they had to say:

What do you feel you achieved?

Succeed in more things – like archery and climbing… Staying two weeks without my parents! Being more active – during summer I’d just be sitting at home…

How was the food?

The food is three times better than at school! There are two choices, not just one…

Will we see you again next year?

I’d die to come back again!

The 2011 video is live now on our YouTube page…. check it out!

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