Camp Journal

Yellows go mountain biking!

16th July 2013

Another sunny day at Camp Suisse turned out to be the perfect setting for the mountain biking exercises at Plan du Croix and final descend back to Camp Suisse (although some went a bit further and had to ride back up again). High up in the mountains, surrounded by the beautiful Alpine peaks, the afternoon started off with activity leaders JP and Craig explaining how to become professional mountain bikers who can tackle any type of path, from the really simple to the more difficult ones. Multiple obstacle courses were laid out and (eventually) mastered by all campers. Then it was time for the descend from the mountain.The yellows were divided into two groups. The ones with more experience made a long descend down to the church and had a steep climb back up again to Camp, whilst the other group first “got more to grips” with the mountain bikes and then rode back to Camp Suisse along intricate paths in the woods. The day ended with the realisation that it is easier (and more pleasurable) to go down hill than going up.

Tags: International Learning & Education Mountain Biking Yellow Group