Camp Journal

Yellows hit a rock

23rd July 2013

The Yellow group began the day with a fun filled morning, shooting hoops and smashing balls in the glorious sunshine, along with language classes. The active start to the day continued, as the campers were in for an afternoon of practie: to be as great as Tarzan with his amazing climbing skills, taking on Collombey Rock Face. The campers were stuck in straight away, Matt making it to the top at speed. The enthusiasm and positive attitude of the campers was clear to see, as campers like Morgan and Luca who are not a fan of heights still gave it a go, and made it to the top – yippeeeee!

To end the day Yellow group were in for an evening of playing detective, trying to find Dracula, faced with scary obstacles and tasks along the way. An enjoyable day for the yellow campers. Great effort. Wooooo – Team Yellow! 

Tags: Collombey Confidence Rock Climbing