Camp Journal

Yellows take on the slides at Aqua Parc

17th July 2013

Another day over at camp Suisse and another bunch of happy ‘yellow’ campers. 
From football, tennis, basketball and climbing to the languages of German, English, French, and Spanish; all the yellow group seem to be settling in well! Alex Haug is already famous for his tennis ability whereas BIDO is being rewarded NOGROTS (Camp Suisse money) for his great work in French. 
After lunch it was time to head off to a place where one can go to experience all the fun you can create with water….AQUA PARC!!!!!! All the kids loved the slides, only some braved the booster loop and the girls struggled to remove themselves from the lazy lagoon. Dried off and after doing every slide and ride possible it was Motreux Jazz Festival time!!!!!
The weather was uncertain as the clouds were rolling over lake Geneva but this did not stop the campers from tasting some yummy cuisine and buying those ever special souvenirs for loved ones back home. Everyone especially loved the view of the lake and the array of talent that the buskers were showcasing.
A quick sprint to the bus as it started to pour with rain and another day at camp Suisse achieved! 

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