Camp Journal

Yellow and Whites camping!

24th July 2013

As session two comes to a close, the Yellow and White group headed off to Torgon Ski Club lodge where the camping (glamping) trip got underway. The group left base in the afternoon ready to tackle a 3-4 hour hike up the mountain. Upon arrival, everyone settled in and then walked to the Swiss/French border overlooking the French town Chatel. The views from the border were nothing but stunning! Sausages and burgers were then served prior to roasting marshmallows in front of a camp fire. Camp fire fun and games began with a Camp Suisse talent show as all campers put on a fine display of creative acts and performances. A short yet comical impressionist show was also given by staff as they imitated their group members. However, campers then got their own back as it was their turn to imitate the staff- a hilarious end to a great night!

Tags: White Group