Camp Journal

Yellow Groups special Pizza Trip

24th July 2017

Today the yellows spent their morning occupied in the climbing wall, learning some new skills and playing some games in order to make it a little more engaging and challenging. the campers had to race each other using the various coloured routes at varied levels of difficulty up the wall! There was plenty of healthy competition in the air! The campers then had a spot of lunch before putting on their thinking caps and heading to their language classes for lots of learning and practising!

The French beginners group, for example, learnt vocabulary specific to the topic of the House and Town before a rest break, and then moved on to the theme of Ffod afterwards. They finished by choosing a couple of songs for their coming karaoke night and playing games based on the vocabulary that they had gone over at the beginning of the class. Finally, the yellows were lucky enough to have a yummy Pizza trip to our restaurant as a thank you for their maturity and good behaviour during the session so far. Everybody sufficiently stuffed themselves and had a jolly old time chatting away sat in the evening sun. What a great way to end the day!


climbing blog pic