Camp Journal

Yellow Group: Moving Mountains!

7th July 2021

Today the yellow group did a series of thrilling team building exercises in an adventure into the forest, in a challenge called ‘Moving Mountains’.

The yellows were spilt into five teams and each embarked on a series of activities that tested their communication and motivational skills. They raced around the forest with flurry and excitement believing each would win, orienteering themselves with a map to each activity. They encouraged each other as the activities tested physical skills and trust, they lifted each other through the spider web. They persevered through the ‘Detonation Challenge’ where they had to be completely in sync to detonate the bomb.

To the final round of high tensions, with smiles on their faces each team had to move in unison on wooden planks to the finish line. Every team was successful at multiple events and the feeling of pride and camaraderie was palpable all day. Tonight will be Casino Night and anticipation can be felt throughout Camp!

– Megan Carey, Group Leader