Camp Journal

The Yellow Group’s Activities Day 1 & 2

2nd July 2012

Day 1

Camp kicked off for the Yellow group with a real introduction to the mountain. It started with a lesson in orienteering and mountain navigation delivered by Tom and Sarah. The session involved learning how to read maps including pin pointing your location before moving in to the forest for a few games. Once the entire group had successfully navigated their way back to the centre and had refueled with afternoon tea, it was time to move on to Ghyll Scrambling. The team kitted up with helmets and despite overcast weather the group did not allow the rain to dampen their spirits and in any case they were about to jump in to a river! The next hour was spent splashing about in the refreshing mountain stream with an obstacle course to conquer the group were spurred on with the promise of warm shower at the other end. To round the day off campers chose to either play bingo or watch the football….. It was safe to say that most played football. 

Day 2
The second day at camp got off to a flying start with morning language lessons and sports sessions. The afternoon’s activity involved a more in depth lesson into mountain survival specifically focusing on the eco-systems that can be found in this particular mountainous region. The bush walk took the group higher into the hills where Chris and Toria taught the group about the glacial period and how it contributed to the formation of the mountains. Throughout the walk, the group gained knowledge about essential survival skills, learning about where to find water and how to filter it using the moss found growing on the trees. They also experienced first-hand the gastronomic delights the mountain has to offer and tasted some of the edible plants including wood sorrel which is found in the wild. The evening entertainment consisted of the brilliant music quiz where the last question required the teams to compose a 30 second rap about Camp Suisse. With some impressive contributions, the winning rap received a resounding 10/10 and we will look forward to hearing the group’s performance in front of the whole camp at dinner time tomorrow! 

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