Camp Journal

Yellow Climbing

27th July 2013

The Yellow group awoke to another glorious sunny day in Torgon. After breakfast, all the campers’ language skills were put to the test….results tomorrow! Sport coaching came after, followed quickly by a lunch time feast of hotdogs, Panini’s, baked potatoes and pasta. The afternoon arrived and the archery course and climbing wall beckoned. After scoring a few bull’s-eyes, a watertight broke out as an attempt to keep the heat at bay. Next up was the climbing wall where the ascent was braved by all, after discovering some keen spider men and women it was time for ‘shower hour’, then the Yellows sat down to a dinner of sweet and sour chicken. Evening entertainment was one of the favourites the fiercely competitive Torgon-a-hunt. Winners soon to be announced… Soon it was time for bed, Parc Aven! 

Tags: International